What We Do

Strategic Land

Through partnership with landowners we identify and promote opportunities for allocation in strategic development frameworks, helping local councils to meet their housing needs, creating dynamic communities for future generations to live, work and play whilst realising value for landowners through delivery of outline planning consent on their land.

Concept Development Expert Master Planning

Planning and Development

Achieving planning for large scale projects is highly complex and takes considerable time, risk and investment. For each project we create the appropriate specialist team who take the project from concept and master planning through full submission to outline consent. Our breadth of experience and flexibility allows us to identify and develop projects in high growth areas across the property sector.

Community Engagement

With the Neighbourhood Planning act 2011 handing more power to local communities in shaping development in their area, Axiom understands the importance of working with community groups from the outset, listening to their concerns and delivering a scheme that provides needed infrastructure and has the full support of the local community.

Project Management

We coordinate and manage all development activities, including:

  • Property and landowner matters
  • Community engagement
  • Master planning and design
  • Environmental and technical reports
  • Legal and contractual
  • Development finance


Axiom looks to realise its value in a project once planning consent has been secured, selling to suitable housebuilder or development partners who will deliver the vision of the consented scheme.